Handbag trends 2020 & what to expect in 2021

Over the years, we may think we have seen it all when it comes down to bag trends. However, buckle up as this season opens up our eyes for the latest and craziest fashion trends in the handbag domain. This season, we welcome back the white statement piece and the office proof shopper amongst others.  


The mini-er, the better  


The first handbag trend of 2020 & 2021 is minimalism! A stylish micro bag or a wallet that can be worn as a mini bag are the next BIG thing. For the ladies out there who do not need to take everything with them once they leave the house, a small statement purse is all you need to store your cards & keys. Want to keep up with this trend, but you need more than a credit card and a lipstick to take with you? Do not panic, as it is very common to pair the mini bag with a larger-sized handbag and make it a great accessory for your outfit (multi-bagging).  

We pride ourselves for our mini bag collection, containing the XOXO and KAYA mini bag collection. This season, we created a wallet as a micro bag as seen in the picture below. For more interest in the Angelique wallet bag, please send us an email to info@eve-thelabel.com. 

Croc-embossed or crocodile leather  

Or you’re loving it, or you’re against it, but crocodile leather is an important statement piece in your outfit in 2021. Luckily, lots of brands work with vegan leather or faux crocodile leather, which makes it a great addition to your closet. We see lots of bag brands keeping the aesthetic simple once they match it with a crocodile print. 

Large shoulder straps 

The bigger, the better! Chains as shoulder straps were very popular in 2019 and now we are shifting to larger-sized shoulder straps. Funny to say is that shoulder straps in the past were seen as a functionality to keep your hands free, but now shoulder straps are a fashionable addition to the look & feel of your handbag. Chain shoulder straps are the way to go nowadays. 

The white statement piece 

White is the new black when it comes to fashion or bags. The last time we saw this trend was back in the seventies, but it is now making its comeback. This trend is for the true fashionista’s out there, as we all know that the colour white is very difficult to keep white. In our collection, we added the colour GESSO in the IVY collection, “a dirty white”. 

Ivy shoulder bag

The Work Proof shopper  

A couple of years ago, we saw a shopper or a tote bag around every corner of the straat. The laid-back look in combination with functionality was great, but now aesthetics has joined the mix. The latest professional tote bag needs to be office proof for a more classic and adult look. We offer the PIPER tote bag in taupe, but it can be accessorized with multiple different colors to match any outfit! 

Piper tote bag


Besides the office proof shopper / tote bag, we are expected to step up our game with more classic and ladylike looks. The classic and simple handbag in the most beautiful and simple colours. We are questioning ourselves if this is a trend or something that every lady should have in their closet anyways? A classic handbag goes with every outfit and can be worn to every event and makes you feel like a true bosslady. Feel free to have a look at our handbag collection, namely the HARPER multi-wearable bag & the classic DONNA handbag. 

Harper handbag

Bucket or box bags 

A bucket bag is a combination of a vintage look and a modern, classic feel. The bucket bag can be worn during the day, but is a great addition to your outfit in the evening. It looks like bucket bags are here to stay for a longer period of time. 

Luxurious Velvet 

The soft, velvet look has been out of style the last two years, but it looks like it is making its comeback in 2021. The luxurious material makes your bag a true eye catcher, especially paired with a prominent colour. 

Within the EVE collection, we offer the IVY shoulder bag in purple and rose velvet. The IVY shoulder bag keeps all your daily essentials and has separate compartments to put your phone, lipstick, passport and iPad away. 

Velvet shoulder bag