At EVE we love to connect with you through our quality bags & accessories and therefore we embrace inclusivity. However, there is a but to this...

 A bag is the most important accessory when it comes to defining your own unique style, distinguishing yourself from others and lightning up every room you enter! Yes, it also holds all your essentials and basically your world, and is here to compliment your outfit. However, your bag is a resemblance of your personality and you are unique. Let’s find out what your bag says about you!



You are a true hustler and ready for action once you leave the house. A goal-setter with a strong sense of initiative. Your tote fits everything you need to function and accomplish your goals, from your iPad to your entire make up collection to wipes to your laptop and chargers. You are prepared for anything life throws at you! Your tote accompanies you to business meetings, but also on your vacays, and shopping days.

If you are a tote girl, have a look at our last PIPER TOTE available in the collection. Our tote bag can be personalized through bold, colorful accessories to showcase your personality even more. 

Click here for the PIPER tote.


Looking at all our IVY shoulderbag lovers, it is obvious that these ladies have a functional, yet fashionable perspective. You, as a shoulderbag lover, are a multitasker to keep your arms and hands free. You only carry the essentials, such as your wallet, lip-gloss, phone and water bottle. Nevertheless, you have a subtle, but bold style and you give a lasting impression when being on the move. Let’s not forget you do not even have to swap your purse once having a shoulderbag between your mornings to evening events! How handy!

 The IVY shoulderbag is our bestseller and a true eye catcher for all. Also want to become part of our IVY squad? Have a look here.



You value practicality and comfort over style, however your backpack and you go through think and thin together. You are carefree, love to travel and see the world and value a reliable, hands-free, easy lifestyle. All with all, you are easy-going, adventurous and a risk taker!

 For our adventurous, but stylish clients, we offer the LAUREN backpack, and last two pieces are available on the website! Click here.



You always have a refined and timeless look and with that comes a handbag. A handbag is stylish, elegant and a safe investment that does not fall out of style. You showcase power and confidence and your personality shows even more by the way you carry your handbag. In case of carrying the bag in your hand, you are bold and self-confident and you like to show that to the world. If you carry your handbag with two hands, you choose status and position over functionality. Lastly, in case of holding the bag in the arm crook hook, you appear to be confident and a multitasker.

At EVE, we stand for quality, stylish, boldness and generosity. Have a look at our handbag collection, ranging from many colors and models to accompany you through every single day. Click here.



“Girls just wanna have fun!” And you are a part of it! You are an efficient jet-setter who only needs to carry her keys, credit card, lip-gloss with her to conquer the world. You are confident, fun and relaxed and you just do not miss a single beat!

We pride ourselves for our mini bag collection, as they are so special and just little eye candies! The KAYA mini bag can be customized through each front flap chosen by you, go have fun by clicking on the following link.